Preserve & Restore

Protects threatened wild animal species and their habitat, restores degraded ecosystems, and solves human-related conflicts

Wildlife Support for Survival

Wildlife Support for Survival (WSS) is a German non-profit entrepreneurial company with limited liability (gemeinnützige Unternehmengesellshaft, haftungsbeschränkt) established in January 2022

What we do

Our objectives will be accomplished through


1 – Conservation Biology/Genetics
As team-members of WSS, we have extensive experience in wildlife biology and have worked on carnivores and ungulates from North-Africa and Europe over the last 20 years.

WSS is committed to scientific studies on the reasons for species decline and habitat degradation. Our investigations encompass the biology/ecology of the species or species communities using different methods and techniques.

  • Camera-trapping and video observation
  • Spatial use pattern analysis
  • Implementation of measures controlling threats on wild animals
  • Ecological surveys
  • Populations viability analysis (PVA) for species management plans and monitoring
  • DNA sampling for genetic studies to assess conservation status of species/sub-species/populations, the risk of extinction, substructuring level, inbreeding and retrace migrations between them
  • Complete the deficient data for unknown/rare species


2 – Awareness and Education
  • Through its community-based conservation approach, WSS is committed to Provide capacity-building support to the regional anti-poaching relevant bodies to reinforce their technical and managerial skills in combating poaching through community engagement
  • Establishing and maintaining Community-Based Anti-Poaching Network, regrouping the local informants and forest guardians, which principal mission will be to report poachers to local authorities
  • Increase awareness about the conservation status of threatened species, the threats they face and methods to protect them among local stakeholders
3 – Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration
  • Habitat management
  • Reforestation of degraded ecosystems
  • Creation of green corridors/belts


Become an integral part of our mission and make an impact on our future on earth!

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